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Beautiful shots of your child's special event in some of Israel's most treasured locations

The most popular choice for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs is the Kotel (Western Wall). It is the perfect backdrop full of historical significance and stunning archaeological views fitting for any Jewish celebration. Really, there are so many amazing places around Israel fitting for your special event that allows for beautiful and powerful photographs that will capture your day with the personal and professional attention that it deserves.

The shoot follows the unfolding story of the day. The best events start early in the morning with a photoshoot of the Bar Mitzvah boy and his family either at their hotel or making their way down to the Kotel Plaza. Some families hire musicians to accompany them with song and dance making a very traditional middle eastern atmosphere. 

The rest of the shoot includes putting on teffilin, dovening, reading from the Torah, personal prayers at the wall followed by family shots and different combinations of family members at the kotel plaza or other desireable locations in and around the old city. There are also alternative locations near the wall for Bar/Batmitzvahs.


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