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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

From the moment a project starts, it's a creative marathon until that final moment when you cross the finish line and present your client with "the final production". Especially when your client was a TV producer and marketing executive for HBO shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Entourage.

So when our film, "Building the Dream" , about buying and building her dream home in Israel, was finally posted it got over 120K views and some very positive feedback in just under a week. All the hard work and years of filming were worth it. We were "successful" and yet another beautiful story was shared with her fans worldwide.

My latest film with Jamie Geller, "Building the Dream".

When Jamie Geller and her family made Aliya in 2012, Nefesh B'Nefesh flew me from Israel to America to return with the Gellers and continue producing "Joy of Aliya", a series which had began a few months before. My directive was to capture the excitement and anxiety of leaving friends, family and firm foundations in America, landing at Ben Gurion Airport, dealing with the process of Aliya (made easy and enjoyable by NBN!) and discovering a new life in Israel.

Since our first meeting on that emotional morning in Monsey, NJ, I have enjoyed an amazing creative relationship with Jamie. Joy of Aliya soon became Joy of Israel as we traveled around making cocktails with fruit wine at Morad Winery, exploring the city of David in Jerusalem followed by a cook-off with Master Chef Tom Franz!

With Tom Franz winner Master Chef Israel, 2013

We have produced a slew of recipe films in kitchens all around Israel, humorous and quirky promos, some funky photo shoots and two high end commercial films for the Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem , one of which is still in production.

My "foodie" DEMO REEL

A few years ago I produced a wedding film and did the photography for Goldie (Jamie's incredible mother) and Jerry, which was of course at...The Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem.

Goldie and Jerry's Wedding at the Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

It's amazing to watch a client grow and be able to grow with them.What this proves to me is that creating media content, making a film or doing a photo shoot, is as much about enjoying the journey and the relationships you develop along the way as it is about producing a quality end product.

Ironically, Jamie Geller's dream house did not actually include a proper kitchen leaving room for yet another film, which we will begin producing when there is something to shoot!

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