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Now before you blow a fuse at this provocative title, I'm referring to the actors in my recipe films, the food!

Since 2012 I have been shooting and editing short recipe films in all tastes and flavors for Jamie Geller. Wanting to further develop my talents and passion for filmmaking, I was searching YouTube for some inspiring clips when I came across Daniel Schiffer and his behind the scenes "EPIC PIZZA B ROLL" clip. As those in the business say, OMG! This guy rocked my cinematic world! His dynamic camera movements, sweeping shots and overall style and approach to the shoot inspired me so much that I had to try it out during my next food film.

I did not have to wait long before my client called up with a shoot that involved some unsuspecting broccoli and its transformation into a hot, tasty kugel. My goal was to make that simple healthy veg into a sizzling hot green acrobatic model in a recipe film that hopefully Daniel himself would be proud of.

After watching some more of his clips, I called Jamie Geller and asked her to send me a synopsis of her recipe so I could meticulously plan out our shoot, "Daniel Schiffer" style. Instead of the usual approach, I whipped and whirled my trusty Sony in all directions, contorting my body in ways I never knew I could to capture the action on the chopping board. I probably appeared more like a yoga instructor than a cinematographer but, in the end, I both achieved my goal and had a real blast on set.

And the film, well you judge for yourself. My client loves the new approach and I cannot wait to get back on set and film some more of these sexy food films. All food groups, apply now and launch yourself into stardom!

Oh, and thank you Daniel for that epic inspiration!

This is my "Directors Cut" or short version. For the full clip click here.

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