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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Client: Jamie Geller and The Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

Director and Editor - Brian K. Spector

Cinematography - Sasha Gorev, Brian K. Spector

Assistant to Camera Man - David Plotnikov

General Assistant - Yosef Back

Make up - Elianna Gassner

Discover the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem through a captivating and unforgettable two-minute film production that took over two years to create. The film showcases the never-seen-before parts of the hotel, including the Guerlain spa, indoor swimming pool, and outdoor bar and terrace. Divided into three shoots, the story follows the arrival of three sets of characters and their 24-hour stay, including a soon-to-be-married couple, a successful businessman, and the ever-spirited Geller family.

Shot on Black Magic 4K, 6K, and the Sony A7iii, the film highlights the architectural nuances of the Waldorf Jerusalem. The shiny marble spiral staircase, black iron decor, and clock were used as symbols and icons to anchor experiences. The Waldorf Jerusalem's stunning ballroom, with its chandelier-filled ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's first dance. The bride's bridal shower was held upstairs in the presidential suite, which featured a chilled bottle of champagne.

The Waldorf Jerusalem is known for hosting destination weddings, and the rooms are ideal for bridal showers and comfortable for the newlywed couple after the wedding. Executive Chef Itzchak Barak Mizrachi made an appearance, showcasing his famous Eggs Benedict, a Waldorf breakfast staple.

The film's final shoot took place in the brand-new Guerlain spa and indoor pool, where the couple was pampered by professional masseuses, and Jamie received a facial treatment with Guerlain cosmetics. The goal was to capture the luxury and mood of the new spa and its detailed decor.

The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a timeless and romantic experience. The unique architecture, breathtaking views of the old city, and amazing amenities make it ideal for both leisure and business travelers. Whether you're enjoying a pre-wedding celebration, a business stay, or a religious experience, the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem offers unforgettable luxury.

Upon entering your luxurious room, our film is the first thing you see, providing a glimpse into the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem's elegance and sophistication. The film may have taken over two years to finally complete, but it was worth every minute of it!

Some stills from the film:

Arriving at the Waldorf, Jerusalem early morning.

The warm and boisterous smile of Adnan, Waldorf's iconic doorman.

Michael and Natalie explore the spacious ballroom

The ballroom in all its glory

The same location transformed for Michael and Natalie to enjoy their first dance.

Natalie and her friends enjoy the Presidential suit as she gets ready for the wedding.

The shiny marble spiral staircase, black iron decor, and clock were used as symbols and icons to anchor experiences

The Business lounge and conference rooms

Our couple enjoying food and drinks with their friends at the outdoor bar and terrace

The hotel's executive chef Itchak Barak Mizrachi and the famous Eggs Benedict make Waldorf breakfasts beyond delicious!

It's always fun and challenging directing children. Luckily the Geller kids all knew exactly what to do. Eat, Jump and Enjoy!!!

Jamie and Noah enjoy the delectable high tea offered at the Waldorf in the lounge.

The Guerlain spa shoot! think Jamie had actually fallen asleep by this stage of the production day.

Shooting the final scene

As the sun rose over the iconic city of Jerusalem, the prestigious Waldorf hotel bustled with activity, welcoming a myriad of guests from around the world. Among them, three sets of distinct characters had arrived separately, but little did they know that their paths were about to converge in a magical moment.

The following morning, over a sumptuous breakfast spread fit for royalty, the newlyweds strolled past Jamie and his family, exchanging warm smiles as they savored the luxurious surroundings. Meanwhile, a group of sharp-suited businessmen leisurely sipped their coffee and indulged in flaky pastries while perusing the latest headlines in the newspaper.

Indeed, the Waldorf is a hub of multicultural diversity, where people from all walks of life and nationalities come together in a harmonious blend. Standing in the midst of this enchanting atmosphere, one cannot help but feel swept away by the cosmopolitan energy that emanates from every corner of the hotel.

The final scene, where all the characters converge in the breakfast lounge

I am no stranger to the captivating world of Jamie and her cherished family. My inaugural sojourn to the USA several years ago saw me documenting their unforgettable Aliya and co-producing the much-lauded Joy of Aliya for Nefesh b Nefesh. Since then, I have been privileged to collaborate with Jamie on a plethora of cinematic endeavors, ranging from evocative short films to tantalizing recipe films.

Crafting our latest opus was an exceptional adventure, thanks in no small part to my extraordinary crew, who worked tirelessly to transmute the vision of our script into a visual spectacle of epic proportions. Our consummate actors never faltered, even after the countless takes we put them through. The unwavering support of the remarkable staff at the lavish Waldorf further ensured that everything ran smoothly. And, of course, collaborating with Jamie herself was a journey of creative discovery, as we brought her unique vision to life and into the rooms of all who visit this awesome hotel.

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